Starting Your Own Tow Truck Service

A white flatbed tow truck for towing & transporting cars & trucks
A white flatbed tow truck for towing & transporting cars & trucks

So you want to start your own business. You’ve recently stumbled across the very profitable tow truck business, or maybe you were already familiar with this business model? Well we’re here to tell you that the tow truck business can be a very rewarding one. And if you’re looking to start one up, then look no further. We have all the basic information you need to know!


First thing is first – business plan. Because of the nature of this business, you’ll need a plan to decide which kind of towing you will offer e.g. post-accident, breakdown towing or illegal parking tows. Knowing what you’re able to offer will allow you to understanding everything else in your business e.g. what you require to operate, products and tools and marketing efforts.


Before commencing you’ll need to apply for a local business permit and you’ll need a state tax certificate too. After that you’ll want to jump straight in and purchase your first tow truck or trucks! Eventually you’ll need to invest in several tow trucks so that you can fully maximize your business potential and increase your reach. You’ll also want to look in to the types of tow trucks you want to be driving. Hook and chain ones can be used, but flat-bed and wheel-lift tow trucks are generally less damaging and therefore easier and cheaper to work with in the long term.


Any legitimate tow truck service will have the right insurance in place. Not only will you require business auto insurance but also liability insurance to ensure you’re able to cover any damages to property and/or injuries caused by your operations.


You’ll also want to consider the space that you require in order to run your operation. Commercial space is necessary for such a business model where you will also need space to park and keep your tow trucks safe. Because this is pretty much a phone-based business you will need basic office equipment and a phone line too. Also advisable to have a cell phone linked to your business too so that customers can reach you everywhere and anywhere.


At this point you’ll want to look at the marketing side of your business. Get business cards and fliers made and hand hem out locally, but also to other business owners you know. Local businesses can prosper by placing ads in local newspapers and other local publications as well as placing ads in local telephone directories too. You can also network with local gas stations, vehicle repair shops, car dealers and police stations to let them know about your services and don’t be shy to ask them to spread the word of your business with people they know too! You may also want to look in to becoming a AAA certified tow company, as this could potentially attract new clients too.
Once this is all done, all that’s left to do is to scale your business up! And the more you do, the more truck drivers you’ll be able to hire and train. Once this is done, just repeat the scaling up process and you’ll be living the life before you know it!


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Top 10 Towing Tips

We know we’ve got some crazy drivers here on our page, and we know we have some towing enthusiasts too! So what we’ve done is put together a short guide on the best towing tips when using your vehicle to tow!

10) It’s all about capacity

Before you start hauling weight all over the place, you need to know the maximum capacity your vehicle is able to tow. Let’s put it this way, if you end hauling extra weight, it can cause problems for you that you don’t even want to think about.

9) Weight Distribution

So you don’t run in to any issues whilst you’re on the road, always pay attention to your weight distribution. It’s always advisable to start loading the heaviest stuff on first and tie it down properly so it doesn’t shift around during transit. Put small objects in the middle of the vehicle to keep it’s centre of gravity nice and low.

8) Side view mirrors

These become so important when towing! You need proper side view mirros for this because switching lanes so much more dangerous when towing.

7) Lights

Lights are mega important, especially at night. Make sure you’ve got proper lights and they’re working, always double check. Remember to sync your lights with the lights of the vehicle that you’re towing!

6) Tire maintenance

This is pretty routine but becomes ever more important when towing. The extra weight you’re carrying places more labor on the tires and can cause them to wear and tear so much faster than usual, so keep those in check.

5) Brakes

This fits in with point number 7 regarding lights. But make sure your brakes are synced in with the vehicle you’re towing – stop things from getting messy!

4) Slow down!

You need to keep things slower when you’re towing. The faster you go when towing, the greater sway speed the vehicle you’re carrying has, and everything then becomes more dangerous and it’s a lot harder to then stop quickly.

3) Which hitch?

You can have weight-carrying hitches or weight-distribution hitches. The one you choose is completely up to you and dependant on your specific wants and needs. This is very important so you’ll want to look at this in more depth.

2) Cool down!

The extra weight added to your vehicle will mean that there will be more labor from the engine, and this will create more heat on the inside. All of this will add more strain to your vehicle so you’ll want to invest in a transmission cooler to cool the oil circulating through your vehicle’s transmission.

1) Practice

Some people just get it straight away. For others, it takes time, but towing can be an art, You need ot learn how to adjust your driving to a new speed and new points of turning and learning how to deal with a new point of visibility. Ultimately, it’s not that hard, but you may just want to practice as much as you can before you start one handing! (Which we would never ever ever encourage. Ever)

Top 10 Illegal Car Modifications

In today’s world of social appearance and self esteem, there is an ever greater demand for bespoke services. People want to look and feel different, and stand out from the crowd more than ever before. This has been seen across many industries but is becoming more and more common within the automotive industry. A huge bunch of TV shows including Pimp My Ride and Monster Garage have shown us exactly what can be done to our cars and this has given birth in to a rise in demand for custom modifications in cars. Not all mods are strictly allowed though and there are times when the state has to step in and say no. Here are the top 10 illegal car mods you may not have known about:

10) Radar Detectors

It’s very common to see radar detectors banned for commercial vehicles, in which case most truckers you’ve seen are probably riding above the law (quite literally) as most have one of these babies fitted in the cab. It is different across all states though, so it is banned in a lot of places, but similarly you could just end up getting a ticket.

9) Loud Exhausts

This is a tricky one. There has been a proliferation of noisy, loud, bellowing exhausts, when there really is no need. You shouldn’t want to be annoying your neighbours, or the cops! It’s tricky because cops have no way to prove that these exhausts break the vaguely worded ban on breaking noise level. Still…you could end up getting a ticket at the very least!

8) Low riders

There are always state laws on vehicle height. Low riders are a big topic because there is a massive market for modding cars so that they ride low. It’s no surprise though, that given the backlinks in history with low riding cars and underground gang activity, these cars will always get more attention from the cops. Lots of laws surrounding low riders and hydraulics used to get around them being banned, but ultimately you’ll see them banned in a lot of places.

7) Under Body Neon Lights

Anybody guess why? 3 words: red and blue. That’s right y’all, a very popular trend that has seen a recent wipeout, has been to use under body red and blue neon lights and even ones on the top of the car to pretend to be the police.

6) Emissions Removed

There was a day not too long ago that you used to be able to remove all emissions equipment from your vehicle. These days that’s no longer allowed. Don’t be unbolting your gear!

5) Modified headlights and taillights

Debuting as early as 1998, taillights were one of the first noticeable and visible tuner modifications. When they first came out no one bothered looking in to the issue of certification and eventually the same thing happened with headlights too. And with a lack of care for certification, a strict safety officer will call you out on dark, fake carbon or chrome lights!

4) Super dark tinting

This can also be a grey area because the laws on tinting vary from state to state. However before going and getting anything tinted we would advise you to go to a reputable tinting establishment so you don’t end up getting pulled over by the cops.

3) Plate frames

Bet you didn’t think of this one. Be aware, and tell everyone you know, any frame covering numbering lettering or the state name is illegal.

2) Nitrous

Okay okay…EVERYONE knows this one is illegal. But we couldn’t help ourselves. A lot of the time, people who get their fill of nitrous don’t even use it for racing! Moreover just for their casual driving…what is this madness!

1) Rolling Coal

Yes. Believe it or not people, but there are some dummies out there who actually spent a hell of a lot of money on this stuff, just so that they could get a big cloud of billowing black smoke to follow the, everywhere they drive. I’ve never understood it, a lot of people have never understand it. Forget. Don’t do it. Ever! That’s the list guys, please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed out on!

Top 10 Customization Tips


There is a whole lotta car customization info out there people so you may get boggled down in what’s good, better or best to do. Ultimately it’s all about what you want from your ride that’ll have a say in what you get done. Programs like Pimp My Ride, Overhaulin’ and Monster Garage have created a new trend in the car customization market. Because of the abundance of information, there can often be so much contradictory stuff out there that you’ll find yourself left a bit…bewildered. So we’ve gone ahead and put together our top 10 basic tips for anyone looking to customize their rides!

10) Use Contrast!

We can’t stress this enough. We have seen too many people, too many times use a whole plethora of colours in an attempt to make their vehicles stand out. TRUST us when we say that, you do NOT need more than two colors, yes TWO! Employing contrast by using 2 colors will stop your car from looking tacky and keep it looking simplistic, elegant and super sexy.

9) Interior Interior Interior

People get so lost in making the outside of their vehicle look good, that they sometimes completely forget that interior = comfort! You don’t just want the outside of your ride to be looking fly; you want to be riding in comfort too.

8) Invest in some nice wheels

The most common customization that’s made by anyone who gets in to car modification. And because it’s so common, everyone is gonna have themselves a nice set of wheels. So because of that, you may have to stretch the budget out a little further if you want to beat everyone else’s wheels

7) What’s your favourite color?

Remember guys and gals, this is your car that you’re modding, not someone elses so you should go with whatever you truly love and are attracted to as the color of your ride!

6) Customize for your size

Remember, yes you want the outside to look hot, yes you want the interior to be nice and smooth, but you have to get the body of the car suited to the body of…you! Get it catered to your body type, and you’ll be riding in cruise control.

5) What do you get up to everyday?

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, my car is my second home so it should reflect my wants and needs. And so it should for you too. SO if that means extra trunk space, or less trunk space, or room for a sound system…you do what you gotta do!

4) What’s your personality type?

Incorporate the true essence of you in your car. When you want your ride to stand out from the rest of the crowd, the best way to do so is by fusing elements of your personality in with your car.

3) Be luxurious

So look we know that not all of us have the biggest budgets out there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a little luxury in to our car. If you’re a fanatic of anything specific, whether it be music or sport or TV, find a way to infuse that in to your ride, stretch those purse strings!

2) Less but better!

Yes you read right. So many people associate with customization with adding more more more, but that is NOT the case. Don’t be afraid to have a more subtle approach. You can use less mods in your car, but just do it to a better quality than anyone else, and it’ll speak huge volumes about yourself and your vehicle!

1) Functionality, Practicality

So…your car should include all of the above ^^^ however don’t forget why you have a car in the first place. The whole point is so that you can get from A to B easily. Don’t let all the new mods get in the way of that!


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10 Weirdest Custom Cars Ever Built

You guys know we are all about our kits. We love customization… anything custom in a car, lends a recipe for fast and furiously sexy. However sometimes, just sometimes, the word ‘anything’ can be an extremely loose term. There’s not much we don’t like in the world of pimped out kits, but let’s face it. Some parts just don’t match! SO having said that, we thought we’d share with you the 10 monstrosities that should never have been!


10) Saab 900 with supercharged 5.0 V8 and RWD

I mean this is coming in at number 10, but it could easily have been number 1! What were they even thinking with this custom car? It’s a SAAB dammit, this should be kept clear of all custom mods and kit mods. Why even bother rear wheel driving it…it’s a Saab!

9) Datsun 250 GTO

Where do we begin? What you have here ladies and gentlemen, is a Nissan with a heavy sprinkle of Italiano. Not the real Milan-esque kind of sprinkle either, this is not your typical Italian job by any stretch of the imagination. A knock-off designer Italian coat with cheap stitching is the best way to describe this one. What would Enzo say?

8) Prius Harley

You must have seen this? If you haven’t you seriously need to search this baby up now. If there ever was a way to get back at all the environmentalists/prius fans (same thing right?) out there, you can’t get any better than sticking in a Harley Davidson engine right in the front of one!

7) Porsche 944 Beetle

This mix is…just wrong! It doesn’t matter which way round it is either, a Porsche with a Beetle chassis or vice versa…who wants one of these and why!?

6) Jerrari

Part Jeep, part Ferrari. Jeeps with Ferrari engines. Why is it always Enzo’s cars? The concept is ridiculous, but funny to see nonetheless.

5) HWA 300SL

First unveiled in 1954, this car is an ultimate timeless classic. But in all honest the last thing you’d ever want to do to this beauty is tear out the V6 and replace it with a huge V8. Why!!!

4) ’95 T-Bird with ’49 front

Why do these still exist? Who thought this was a good idea? Why does the front of this car remind me of Pinocchio? Why why why?

3) Toyota GT2000 EV

A disgrace of a car in our opinion! With a terrible engine that didn’t need replacing especially since it was the pioneering engine that gave rise to it’s predecessors. Nice way to tarnish your rep Toyota!

2) Will I Am’s Delorean

Nice try Will. But sorry, the State says no!

1) Golden Dragon BMW Z4

Okay, so this was seen in China, and because of that, it may have some cultural relevance. But this doesn’t stop the fact that this is the worst custom car we have ever laid our eyes on. I mean what were they thinking! The colour of the car, the wings…everything. This is just tragic.